Estate Planning

It is not merely for the wealthy. It encompasses financial, retirement, business succession, charitable, medical, disability, legacy, and gift planning. Unfortunately, many people fail to perform estate planning, with the result that their loved ones suffer emotional and financial hardship that could have been avoided. Others perform estate planning, but fail to recognize that without proper care and maintenance, their plan will not accomplish the objectives they desire. At Morgan & Getzan, we are committed to helping our clients create estate plans that work.
Our definition of an estate plan that “works” is one in which the client maintains control of his assets during his lifetime, provides for himself and his loved ones during any period of mental incapacity, passes his wealth in a loving and purposeful manner to whom he wants, when he wants, and the way that he wants, all while reducing the overall cost of professional fees and taxes. We are able to help our clients accomplish these objectives through a comprehensive process that results in an organized, up-to-date, effective estate plan.