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Decluttering Is the New Estate Planning

If you have been meaning to declutter your house but have struggled to find the motivation, maybe it is because the usual arguments in favor of ridding your house of clutter do not resonate with you.  You are not planning

Understanding Ancillary Probate: What Happens When You Own Property in Different States

For many people, Florida is a second home. They may only live here part of the year while still maintaining owning a home or real property in another state.

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Why You Need a Designation of Health Care Surrogate

Having a Designation of Health Care Surrogate (sometimes referred to as a “Medical Power of Attorney”) is important because if you ever become incapacitated or unable to make decisions for yourself, this document will authorize a member of your family,

How to Avoid Having to Obtain a Guardianship for an Ailing Parent

Do you have an elderly parent you are concerned about, especially if they’re beginning to show signs of mental impairment or difficulty handling their personal affairs?