Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?

Personal belongings often have special meaning for individuals and family members. Planning to pass on such items — treasured wedding photo, Grandpa’s fishing tackle box, or a well-used yellow pie plate — can be challenging, and may lead to family conflict.


“This yellow pie plate belonged to my great grandmother who spent time in the kitchen with her daughters baking pies. She gave it to our grandmother. The tradition of baking pies has continued through the generations and the yellow pie plate is always on the table at family gatherings. I hope some day it will be mine. It’s a piece of my living history.”

— Andrea

Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?™ provides people with practical information about the inheritance and transfer of non-titled personal property. The curriculum, workshop, and related web resources help families communicate, make decisions, and lessen conflict.

No matter who you are in the process (parent, spouse, child, educator, legal professional, social service staff, etc.) the Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?™ resources, and the related Intergenerational Land Transfer resources, found off this website can help you:

  • Bring up inheritance issues for discussion.
  • Prepare a legally appropriate list of non-titled property.
  • Decide what fair means.
  • Ask others what objects they would like and why.
  • Identify transfer goals.
  • Select distribution and transfer methods that fit goals.
  • Consider how to deal with conflicts before they arise.

(Source: Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?)